Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recycled Wine Cork Heart ♥

I have been saving up corks for a long time, as well as getting them from my friends and co-workers to be able to make this wreath.  It took me 51 corks to make it, but it is wonderful and worth taking the time to collect the corks.

It makes a much nicer cork board than the typical store bought version.

It is also very easy to make, I cut out a piece of heavy cardboard in the shape of a heart with the center cut out leaving about a 2 inch outline of the heart and then glued the corks to the bottom of the corks to the heart as well as too each other.  I found using a craft glue like LockTight Crafters glue works best.  Hot glue didn't really work at all.  I think b/c the corks are so porous.  The little roses are from scrapbooking supplies that I just attached thumbtacks to the tops.  I am going to make a set of recycled soda can rose ones for the show this weekend!   

Enjoy!  Check back tomorrow for an interesting wedding wednesday post!

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