Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remote Control Outlets

So this post was going to be about my christmas decorations, but my digital camera's battery won't take a charge AGAIN and my iPad camera just won't cut it for the pictures I want.  So while I wait for Amazon to ship my new battery, I will share about this great little invention I stumbled upon while at Lowes looking for replacement C9 bulbs.  I am always sick of climbing under the tree to plug it in.  We had a button that you stepped on at one point to turn it on and that broke or is now MIA.  For $20, I got 3 outlet adapters that you just plug in to your regular outlet.  Each adapter has 2 plug-ins and you get 1 remote control to turn on/off all 3!  Right now I have our tree and our front candle lights plugged into one and I will have my kitchen lights plugged in to the other 2.  Now I can easily turn the lights on and off with the remote!  It is so nice and super easy, no timers to figure out either or that don't work right!

Just a preview of my christmas decorations:

My silver chalkboard platter: (pardon the quality it was an iPad shot)