Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recycled Jar Jack O' Lanterns

If you haven't guessed yet Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season.  I love making decorations for this time of year and I love carving Jack O' Lanterns but they only last such a short time.  I made these jars so I could enjoy Jack O' Lanterns for the entire month of October.  If you remember I explained how to to tint jars with mod podge before all you do is mix food coloring and a little mod podge, brush it on and let it dry.  Then I just added a face with black craft paint (I used enamel).  

Recycled Ragu and Polnar Preserves Jar Jack O' Lanterns

Martha Stewart offers tons of ideas for faces to carve on Jack O'Lanterns.  I also added a wire handle to the jar and if using a battery powered tea light, it could be safely carried as a lantern while trick or treating!

This creepy pair will be for sale at the Local Living Festival this weekend at the Cornell Co-Operative Extension Farm in Canton!

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