Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Recycled Book Page Banners Added to my Shop!

I got a wonderful set of scalloped heart dies for my Epic 6 Die Cutting Machine and the largest size heart is the perfect size for banners!  So I made 3 this weekend to add to my shop!  Hand-stamped in red and strung on twine, they are an adorable vintage style Valentine's Day decoration!  Check them out!

"Amore" Banner - $10.00

"Love" Banner" - $8.00

I also do custom banners, in whatever color, saying or shape you would like for $2.00 a letter.  That includes stringing it.  


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dr. Pepper Rose Wreath at the Oddball Emporium

Today, I am dropping off a few wreaths to go on consignment at the Oddball Emporium in Potsdam.  One of the decoration sets that will be available there are these cute Diet Dr. Pepper can roses!  They are larger than my original roses b/c I am now creating them using my die cutting machine!  Definitely a unique Valentine's decoration.  Stop by the Oddball Emporium and check them out as well as a few of my other sets!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Die Cut Machine Soda Can Flowers

I started cutting soda cans with my Epic 6 Die Cutting machine before Christmas, but finally found the time to write a blog about it! Using the dies gives a more distinct look and greater size options than the hand punches. For today's tutorial, I am using a daisy style flower shaped dies from Lifestyle Crafts.

Die Cutting Machine (I use a Epic 6)
Cutting Mat
Flower Die Set
Soda Can
Step 1: Cut the top and bottom off of your can with the scissors cutting one the side of the can to leave one large rectangle.
Step 2: Arrange the dies you want to cut out on the cutting mat, make sure the arrangement is no larger than your can. I also added a thin piece of cardboard to my cutting matt to help it cut all the way through the can.
Step 3: Place soda can rectangle over top of the dies and then place the top of the cutting mat on top hold it together to make sure the dies don't slide!
Step 4: Send it through your die cutting machine! You may want to send it through twice especially if your dies have foam on them like mine.
Step 5: If necessary, carefully pop out flowers from soda can.
Tada! You should now have the layers for your flower. Glue them together to create the finished look. You may also choose to slightly curl the edges to give it a more 3D look!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Button Lantern

If you have been following my blog I'm sure you know how much I love buttons! I bet I have thousands in a rainbow of colors! I was cleaning out some cabinets after Christmas and found what I believe was originally a candle holder from party lite. It basically is two circular pieces of glass, one inside of the other and I think it came with paper scenes you could put in between for the seasons. I don't know what happened to the scenes but I decided to put some of my more colorful buttons in between the glass! I love how it turned out,

Watch you local thrift store, flea market or garage sale for 2 glass vases that will fit with enough room to spare to make your own!

Happy Crafting!