Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Margo the Butterfly

My first butterfly hatched today!  I ended up only have 2 make it.  The first one made its cocoon but for some reason it fell :(.  I had named the three of them Margo, Edith and Agnes from Despicable Me, but Edith passed away.  Last night, I noticed the cocoon had turned all black and the BF said that it does that before they "hatch" (I'm not sure if this is even the right word).  I was hoping it would wait until I got home, but it didn't.  At least the BF was great and took some pics for me!

I didn't feel right about making him wait for me to get home to release it, so he let it go out on my giant morning glory plant outside.  It is waiting for its wings to dry before it flies off!

Amazing isn't it?  Hopefully Margo will stop by for a visit every now and again!

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