Monday, September 5, 2011

Bedspring Banner w/ Magnetic Decorations

Last week I began creating banners out of almost all recycled materials.  Remember the "Autumn" Banner and the little "Boo" Banner, I did not like attaching these to plain string and also they weren't dynamic enough.  So I cam up with a recycled banner using the round tops cut off the top or bottom of bedsprings!  Then I just connected the circles with the smaller springs and voila a banner that can use the same magnetic decorations that my wreaths use, so it is even more versatile.  Very easy and quick to change the look of.  For example, I took all of these photos within a few minutes.  

I am going to offer 2 different sizes a small which will be what is show which is about 10 or 11 spring tops (I haven't decided what I like best) and a 15 or 16 spring top version.  These and the letter sets will be available at my next show, this Saturday September 10th from 12 - 5 in Downtown Massena for the Harvest Festival!

Check back later this week to see what I do with the middle part of the spring leftover after cutting off the bottom and the top!

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