Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Wood Mounted Stamp Tutorial

I have been trying to figure out how to make my own stamps for a long time.  There have been several trial and error versions.  I have done several of the carving type, similar to block printing which work well but are way to time consuming for me to make.  I created this "Wicked" Banner with stamps I created and mounted myself. Check it out:

Here are my stamps!  They look so professional :)

Large rubber stamps are hard to find and also expensive, so to be able to make your own is incredible. 

And here is the tutorial: 

1. A print off on regular paper of the letters (or shapes) you would like to make into stamps.
2. Stencil (Sign) Tape (it is about an 1/8 inch thick rubbery material, mine was given to me for free, but I think I found it on
3.  Wood blocks bigger than the stencil.  The BF cut mine up for me out of a planed pine board and they are a perfect weight.
4.  Glue Stick
5.  Scissors
6.  Exacto Knife (Optional)
7.  Cutting Matt (Optional)
9.  Ink Pads & A dog that won't leave you alone when you are playng with permanent ink!  I swear he almost ended up with orange paws (optional). P.S. I like StazOn ink pads they are pricey but work the best.

Step 1 -
Here is my print out.  My letters are about 2.5 inches tall, printed on regular paper.

A close up of the stencil tape.  It has like a thin white paper backing that has adhesive to stick to the  actual stencil material.  You are going to want to have the paper side up, the stencil material down.

Cut out each of your letters.  I just squared them up as close to the edges as I could and using a little glue from the glue stick attach them to the stencil tape backing (the white paper side). 

 Step 2 -
Cut out each letter with scissors or if necessary the exacto knife and cutting pad.  For my letters I only needed the scissors but for more intricate stuff you may need the knife.  It should look something like this!

Step 3 -
Carefully peel off the paper backing leaving the adhesive backed stencil tape letter.  Stick it to the center of your wooden block. Adjust it wear necessary b/c the material is a little stretchy.  (All of mine have held fine, but down the road may need some glue).  Don't throw out the paper backing with the letter print out b/c you can use this to label your stamp :)

Sorry I was so excited to stamp I didn't take a photo before I did!

Step 4 -
Stamp Away!

I cut out pennants from an old book and stamped my letters on it.  I didn't press down too hard so that my letters have a distressed look.  Punch some holes and string it on ribbon or string and you have a easy banner!

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