Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage Soda Crate Re-Do

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, I was so burnt out after Christmas I am now finally getting back to making a few things here and there.  Last week, I was sick of my vintage soda crates b/c the cubbies in them were so dark, you could barely see what items I had in them.  I had an old copy of Alice in Wonderland I had found at a library sale and everyone knows how much I love it!  So I took the pages out of it and glued them to cardboard from cereal box and put the cereal box in the back of the soda crate. They turned out so cute!

I like the crates so much better, you can see the colorful decorations I have in them even better.  I actually made some changes as well.  I have a ton of old wooden thread spools and to give them a pop of color I wrapped embroidery floss around them so they look original!

I also took some scrap fabric I had, ripped into into strips and wrapped it around some of the larger spools I had.

The heart shaped lock below is one of my latest finds at an antique shop in Lake Placid.  It is in working condition and has a great decorative key!  I love old locks, I am always on the look out for them!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New decoration sets just in time for Valentine's Day!

Sorry I have been a little lax with my blogging lately, I have been super busy.  I was in Pittsburgh all last week for a Google Analytics and Adwords training as well as working on finishing my Master's degree in Information Technology to graduate in Spring 2012!

But somewhere I found some time to make these two lovely decoration sets.

Wreath & Set - $32.00
Just the Set - $12.00

Wreath & Set - $32.00
Just the Set - $12.00

Hopefully I will find more time to blog some great tutorials next week!  Have a great weekend!