Wednesday, November 3, 2010

♥ Ruffled Scarf 2 and Misty Hollow ♥

For Ruffled Scarf 2 I went to Misty Hollow yesterday and got great coordinating fabric.  For everyone who hasn't been to Misty Hollow in Potsdam, if you do any type of crafting they have the best selection around.  They have just about everything.  Beautiful fabric, a great selection of yarn, jewelry making, wood carving, block printing, calligraphy, scrapbooking supplies, baking supplies and so much more.  I have never been disappointed in a trip there especially since it saves me a trip to Joann Fabrics, that doesn't have near the selection on art/craft items.  If they don't have it they are more than willing to order it and if they think its a good item they will also try to keep it in stock.  Yesterday, I asked about elastic thread b/c originally I had ordered it and there is only 10 yards on a spool so it would be great if I could find it somewhere local.  They were very intrigued and had never heard of it before, so I showed them the bed sheet scarf and they loved it as well.  They opened there notion supply book, found it, ordering it for me and will call me when it comes in.  You can't get much better service than that!

So back to ruffled scarf 2, the fabric I used was significantly heavier than the original bed sheet, so when I sewed the two elastic thread rows down the scarf, I don't think it was enough to pull it together.  I am going to try tonight running at least 2 more rows with the elastic thread in hopes it will pull it together, check back tomorrow for the results!  It will be a beautiful scarf if I can make it work!  The images below are a very rough version of what I'm hoping will work in the end!

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