Thursday, November 4, 2010

I should have just called this Ruffled Scarf Week

Last night I finished up the red scarf, which was definitely a learning experience.  I ended up cutting the scarf into two long scarves to lighten up the weight so it would help it ruffle up and I added 2 more rows of elastic thread and then clipped the edges to give it a frayed look and I think it turned out cute.  Fabric selection is key.  I think the red striped fabric was just too heavy!

Once I finished the red scarf, I started working on the "fancier" teal scarf which turned out very nice, but a little short.  The pictures don't really do it justice but by the time I finish making these its pretty late at night and I'm in no shape to take pictures of myself wearing them. : ) 

The inspiration for this scarf came from one I purchased at Isle of You (another great store, with lots of unique clothing) for $25.  This example cost of about $5, and the larger one will probably cost $10.  

I haven't forgotten about my furniture projects, I haven't made it back to Lowes yet, hopefully I will have an update on them this weekend. Thanks for reading, I hope I have inspired you as well!

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