Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Weekend and Things that Make Me Smile :)

So this blog post may be a little off the wall but I felt like smiling today and I hope it inspires others to think about what makes them smile!

As a continuation to yesterdays post about pumpkin pancakes making me smile, I've decided to continue on this topic with other things that make smile.

Everyday I look at this and I smile:

I smile b/c the hutch that my lovely original Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz is in, was in my grandmothers house for as long as I can remember.  Also my time and enjoyment spent collecting these pieces.  My first pieces where purchased at an antique shop on a trip to North Carolina, some purchased from various shops on Etsy and some as gifts.  I am now only missing a few pieces to finish my collection :).  There is a lot of history sitting in the corner of our dining room!

Recycling also makes me smile.  Every time I can take something others would throw out and re-use it I smile.

Upcycled Bed Spring Pumpkin
Upcycled Bed Sheet Scarf
T-Shirt Yarn iPod cozy
T-Shirt Yarn Rug
Upcycled Bed Spring Heart

Recycled Bertolli Firefly Jar (Glows in the Dark)
Of course there are plenty of other things that make me smile, my BF and my dogs (Annie and Bubba) make me smile daily.  If you need something to make you smile, check out my "Be Merry" banner:

Burlap triangles with painted green glittered letters on red gingham ribbon
For sale in my Etsy shop:

Hope you have a great weekend!  Be prepared to see some great projects next week!

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