Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Seed Bombs - an eco-friendly wedding favor

Seed bombs started with the idea of Guerilla Gardening, which is planting items in vacant lots or dirty areas to promote natural beauty.   The item used to plant these sparse areas had to be portable, easy to grow and basically only needs water, and that is how the seed bomb was born.  Seed bombs are classically thrown over fences or walls into empty lots.  Imagine a couple of these in a little muslin or paper bag, stamped with your wedding info. Too Cute!  Even a person without a green thumb can grow these!

DEPOSIT on CUSTOM order of Seed Bombs for your special event favors - colorful balls of handmade paper embedded with perennial and annual flower seeds
Seed Bombs by PulpArt (another New Yorker)

If you are feeling brave and would like to try to make some yourself (I have not tried this yet, but hope to soon).  Check out these great tutorials, LA Times and Instructables.  Make sure you choose seeds that are native to your area as well as easy to grow!

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