Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things that make me smile: Preserving Memories :)

As I've gotten older I realized I myself don't have many pictures of my family from when I was little.  My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ted were always taking pictures so I went to their house last night and started scanning the pictures they had of us when we were younger.  I found some great ones and wanted to share with everyone, that digitizing your photos is an excellent idea.  I scanned the photos to my computer, backed them up to an external hard drive and plan on burning them to a DVD so they will never be lost!  Check out some of my favorites:

I believe I am about 4 in this picture.  I was a little fish :)
My older brother Jon and I on Easter
My grandpa and grandma 
My grandpa, my sister Jenn and I
My sister Jenn, the old english sheepdog Molly and I
Jon, Jenn and I on Christmas
My grandpa and brother Jon, playing wiffle ball.  I'm sure I was playing too!
We cannot forget about our best furry friends over the years, this was Molly an old english sheepdog at 4 months old on christmas.  I miss this dog everyday, she was my best friend!
I plan to make albums for my siblings, as well as other family members so I am going to upload the pictures to Shutterfly and have prints made!

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