Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Silhouette Project - Recycled Welcome Magnets

The wonderful BF bought me a Silhouette Machine for my birthday.  I haven't blogged about it yet b/c I broke the blade (trying to cut soda can) that came with it and had to wait until I got a new one to post an actual project.  This is my first successful silhouette creation:

I used a font I already had on my computer.  All I had to do was properly space the letters so when it cut them into the scrapbook paper, I could still use my Fiskars 2-in Seal Punch to cut around them.  The silhouette cut beautifully, the best part is I can use both the outline of the letter and the actual cut out of the letter.  

After I created the seal punch letter, I then cut the same size seal out of a Velveeta Shells & Cheese box to use for the brown backgound.  They look wonderful and you would never know its a velveeta box.  I then just attached a magnet and they are complete!

I am going to be working on other sets, which I would love to do completely recycled letter magnets. I am hoping to use the funny pages from the newspaper as well as bright magazine pages.   

I will also be bringing bedspring wreaths, bedspring pumpkins, decoration sets and bedspring pumpkins to the Grassroots Co-op in Waddington, NY for their grand opening Saturday May 27th.  Buy local and support your local crafters and artists!


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