Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mad Recycler turns 27! Want to have a tea party? Thank you Miriam!

Today is my 27th Birthday and so far I am having a wonderful birthday.  I had a show at the Canton Middle School on Saturday that was a lot of fun and got to meet some great people.    Yesterday I had the exciting news of being in both the Watertown Times and Ogdensburg Journal for my recycling creations.  I also got some of my birthday presents a little early :).  The BF couldn't resist giving me his and it is amazing, but I won't be sharing it until tomorrow as I am still learning how to use it.

Last night, I got a gift from my dear friend, blog reader, and supporter, Miriam.  I had posted a blog a long way back now about Alice in Wonderland China.  Miriam got me the tiered snack tray and the small espresso/tea set.  I am totally in love with them.  I want to have a tea party just so I can use them!

It is even more whimsical than in the photos!  I absolutely love it!

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