Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You" - Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! - Vintage Paper Rose Tutorial

I have received some requests as to how I made my vintage sheet music paper roses, as seen on my music note bedspring wreath:

 Here is the tutorial, it is very similar to my Recycled Soda Can Rose tutorial, but with some mod podge fun!

What you need:

1.  Soda Cans that have had the bottoms and tops cut off - see recycled rose can tutorial if you need more help
2.  scrap paper (can be just about anything I've used newspaper, stuff from magazines, comics, old books, etc)
3.  Mod Podge (you may want to put paper or a mat down on your work surface)
4.  Paper Punch (I use a seal punch you could use a petal)
5.  Paint Brush
6.  Scissors
7.  Wire
8. A Tack (and something same to press it into)
9. A large nail or a skewer to use to roll the petals.

Step 1.  Cut out from the soda can using the paper punch at least 2 shapes for each rose. 

Step 2: For each soda can piece, you will need two cut outs of the paper of your choice, I chose old sheet music.

Step 3:  Using an old paint brush, put mod podge kind of heavy on one side of the soda can cut out and line up the paper piece cut out over it and smooth it down and let it dry.  

Step 4:  If you didn't use a petal punch, you will have to cut your cutout into even "petals" and then using the tack poke two holes in the center to thread the wire through. 

Step 5:  Thread wire through the two holes on one cut-out and then on another.  Then using the nail or skewer , create your petals, by rolling each petal around the skewer or nail and shape it until you like it!

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