Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Ruffles can make anyone a Lady" - I LOVE RUFFLES ♥

Yesterday I was in the checkout line at the Big M in Potsdam and there was the March 2011 issue of Brides Magazine.  Of course they had to feature a ruffled wedding dress on the cover and since I love ruffles I am dedicating this post to my favorite ruffled wedding dresses.  I just want to apologize to the BF in advance, if he does happen to read this post.

The above dress on the cover is this dress by Wtoo Brides and surprisingly the price wasn't outrageous according to brides.com $1000-$1500.

Style No. 16819 Liane

Now for some others I love!  A mix of new and old designs, but I would probably make my dress anyways b/c it would have so much more meaning to me.

Melissa Sweet - Billie ($$$$$$$, but I still love it)

Melissa Sweet - Katya


Style No. 8354

And that was only just a brief selection!  I think it would be amazing what I could do with ruffles if I made my own dress :)

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