Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hate Microsoft!

This is a little off topic but I needed to rant!  Probably some of you don't know that by day I am a Web Designer and where I work we are currently going through a large web redesign project, which involves migrating over a 10,000+ page website to a new design.  Needless to say we are beyond busy.  Today I was having trouble with Mozilla Firefox not showing certain elements I needed so I upgraded it and had to restart.  My computer was unusable for the next hour while it installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1.  I am sorry, but on restart you should be warned that your computer will be down for the next hour or that it has a large amount of updates.  Otherwise I love Windows 7 it is 100 times better than Vista.  But come on a little warning never hurt....

Don't forget Holiday Shopping Kick Off Fair this Saturday, March 12th from 3 - 8pm at the Massena American Legion :)

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