Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Make it Meaningful

When my Dad passed away this spring, in lieu of flowers my co-workers/friends got together and gave me a Potsdam Chamber of Commerce gift certificate b/c they knew I would do something wonderful to remember my Dad.  This past Monday the BF and I finally built the garden arbor that I used the gift certificate to buy the lumber for. 

My thoughts for this arbor is one day when the walkway is complete from the garage to the house we can put it over that and I would walk through it every day and remember my Dad.  
Another really good idea and part of the reason I built it, is someday we can get married under it and it would be a meaningful way to remember my Dad at the ceremony.   

So a big THANK YOU to my co-workers and to the BF for helping me build it and agreeing we could get married under it SOMEDAY!

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