Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recycled Rustic Wall Vase

I took yesterday off from blogging b/c the BF and I were working on getting stuff together for the garage and starting on the floor for the attic.  I am very excited b/c yesterday I learned how to use a miter saw which turns out to be very very easy.  I helped him cut the boards to the lengths he needed and he nailed them upstairs.  As a result of the garage project, there is tons of scrap pieces of wood around, so I cut this one myself to size.  I then attached an old hose clamp I got when we were cleaning out my grandparents house before it sold with 2 nails and tighten it to hold one of my blue Bertolli jars.  The best part of this is what I used to hang it on the wall, scroll down to find out!

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this super neat idea of using tabs off of a soda can, which I already have tons of them saved for something :).  One nail through the hole in the center and it works great!

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