Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Soda Crates Re-do

Everyone probably remembers my old soda crates I found at North Country Neighbors.  I got a Coca-Cola and a Pepsi one for I believe $15.   The Coca-Cola one still had all the bottle slots, but I had been having a hard time find things small enough to put in them so I removed some of the sections to create bigger cubbies.  I rearrange the remaining spaces in the Pepsi crate to a similar size.  Then I filled them with all kinds of wonderful things.  The cutest little oiler, a turquoise enamel cup, a band-aid tin, a scotch tape tin, little bottles, vintage museum vials and loads of other great stuff.

I have so many buttons that I use for my projects.  I sorted them into mason jars by color and now they have a decorative purpose as well!

Love the band-aid tin, found that this past weekend at the Waddington Homecoming Antique, Flea Market and Craft Show

Found this little jar with the zinc/glass lid for $2 at Dillon's Used Furniture and Antiques.  I filled it with my old wooden spools :). 

The tiniest oiler I have ever seen was found in my grandfather's items while cleaning out their house :).  I also have a larger version I haven't cleaned up yet.

I purchased this adorable turquoise cup this past weekend for only $3.  I love it!

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a good weekend!  I have an exciting buy to share next week.  The BF is going to hang me but it will be amazing storage at the incredible price of only $10 :). 

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