Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recycled Paper Towel Roll Flower Tutorial

The lovely finished product:

 The flowers are incredibly light and would make a nice decoration on a package instead of a bow!

Here's the how to:

What you need:

Cardboard Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Roll
Glue Stick (I love Martha Stewart's, its super strong)

Step 1.  Flatten your cardboard roll and cut six strips all the same size.  The width of the strip will determine the height of the flower.  (I like about 1/2" or less)

Step 2: Using the glue stick, put glue on the bottom half of one of the strips and stick it to another strip then secure with clothespin until dry.

Step 2 should give you something like this.  Repeat Step 2 three times!

Step 3. Once you have the 3 "sets" of petals glue two sets together and secure with clothespin until dry!  Repeat the same step with the last set of petals.

Step 4:  Now you should have all six petals glued together and they just need to be connected.  So put some glue between the first and last petal, shape and secure with a clothespin.

The finished product, they are so easy to make it doesn't take long to make a bunch!

Feel free to decorate them however you want, I used a punch from sheet music and a little button :)


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