Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recycled Phonebook Flowers with Tutorial :)

I hate the phonebook!  I think it is the biggest waste of paper (at least for my generation).  To make these flowers was the first time I've touched a phonebook in years.  When everything is so much easier to look up online why would you.  They should make getting the phonebook optional, so they don't waste so much paper!  To help limit the waste, I took last years phonebook, which was kicking around in the craft room b/c I knew I would find something to do with it and made these flowers:

The flowers have a soda can center that has been painted black, but they could also be decorated in so many other ways!

I also created a few with long stems and button centers :). 

And now the How To!


A phonebook or other thinner type paper (tissie, crepe, possibly even newspaper)
Green Floral Wire

Step 1:  Rip three pages out of the phonebook

Step 2:  Stack the three pages together, accordian fold about 1/2 inch and then cut in half so you have 2 sections.  This will create 2 flowers.  

Step 3:  Take one of the halfs and wrap a long peice of wire around it to make the stem.

Step 4:  Carefully open up one half and pull apart the layers to fluff up one side.

Step 5.  Repeat the same for the other side.

Bubba wanted to help...he was feeling crafty!

Step 6.  Fluff up all the layers and shape into the flower.  Decorate the center as you see fit!

I will have the wreath decoration set and a bunch of individual stems this Sunday, June 21st at the Massena Chamber Car, Truck and Motorcycle show at Robert Moses State Park Picnic Area from 9 - 4.  Stop by and check them out as well as lots of other great creations new and old!

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