Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Weekend: An Outdoorsy Post

Just wanted to update everyone on my projects that are kind of outside what I normally do.  This past week the BF found me 3 monarch butterfly caterpillars in the milk weed out back.  I had never seen them change before and he said they use to do this all the time when they were kids.  So I put them in a big bowl on my counter, covered it with plastic wrap and a rubber band to secure.  Then I poked holes in it for air.   They also need a few sticks and some milk weed to snack on.  It was only about 1 day before 2 of them had attached to the saran wrap on top of the bowl (not the stick like they were suppose to).  In the pics they are really hard to see just little yellow and black striped specs.  The white spot on the saran wrap is where they attached themselves.

I will take pictures as they continue to change and update their progress!

Next I just had to take a picture of this morning glory that has taken over our deck yet again this year and the funny part is I haven't planted a morning glory since our first summer in the house, which was 3 years ago!  Crazy!  It just keeps coming back on its own, but I love it anyways!

Lastly, my poor soaked tomato plants from all the rain we've had lately.  They are hanging on though and have a ton of tomatoes on them, even one that turning red :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Do what makes you happy, I know I will!

Next week I should have some great halloween decorations including bedspring wreath decorations and also a new soda can flower, the Dahlia!

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