Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recycled Candle Jar with Lace Pattern

Inspired by this month's Martha Stewart Living, I created this gorgeous candle holder from a jar that originally held a candle.  I actually contact Yankee Candle a while back to see if there was a way you could send the jars back to them so they could re-use them instead of throwing them out (of course I don't throw them out, but you know what I mean).  Martha Stewart had a tutorial about creating lace coasters.  Basically using a piece of ceramic tile.  Tightly wrap a scrap of lace around it and then spray paint.  Well I translated this to an old jar.  I wrapped the lace around it and held it in place with a little glue and then sprayed it with a layer of gold spray paint.  Very quick and easy!

I plan to try this out with some of my recycled bertolli jars as well as tea light holders to go with my bedspring candle holders!

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