Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upcycled Door Corner Display

A friend of mine recently purchased a house and found this old door in it.  She was going to take it to the dump, but I told her I wanted it.  It is a solid pine door that was stained on one side.  It is beat up but for me that just adds character.  I have not totally committed as to what the final result of this will be but basically what I wanted was somewhere to display more pictures as we have limited wall space.  

So I cut the door in half myself.  Yes this was my first time using a power saw and I did great, not even remotely as scary as I thought it would be.  The BF gave me some basic safety instructions and helped me but I did it .  I definitely see more power tools in my future.  Anyways using the hinges the came with it, I reattached them using the existing screws to make the door fold into a 90 degree angle so it fits very nicely into the corner.   I took off the old door knob and I am going to replace it with an old porcelain one I found at the local flea market for $4.00 after I find a door plate for it.   

I haven't decided yet how I want to finish it.  My original thought was shelves but I am not so sure anymore.  Now I am kind of thinking making parts of it or the whole thing magnetic so I can just stick pictures and other things to it, that way it would be really easy to change.  I am not sure if I want to use recycled cookie sheets to make it magnetic or use magnetic primer and then paint it a color.

Please forgive the pile of dog toys and stuff in the bottom of this picture, my dogs are spoiled :)
Check back soon to see how I finished my door display.

Don't forget I will be at the Taste of the North Country Craft Show on Cheel Lawn at Clarkson University from 1 pm - 5pm for Alumni Weekend!


  1. I love that magnetic primer idea....would you mind painting my whole house in that? =)

  2. I love magnetic primer, but it is like $20 for a quart of it :(. It supposedly takes like three coats to be able to hold magnets strongly, so I'm not sure yet! I definitely want to paint a wall in the house with it though!