Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recycled Book Pinwheel Wreath Decorations

The best neutral decoration I have made so far.  Made from the pages of an old book that I had already used the cover to make a clutch.  The pages are slightly yellowed with age and go perfectly with this wreath.  

Watch for these at my upcoming shows!  I hope to do several different variations as well as sheet music ones.

Stop by and check out all the new stuff this Saturday from 1pm - 5 pm at Clarkson's Alumni Reunion Taste of the North Country show on the Cheel Lawn.


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE. Bring one to homecoming for me to buy! =D I'm also thinking it'd be cute with magazine pages because of the color/shine!

  2. I was going to try magazine pages b/c I get jcrew and they have some beautiful colored pages in their! I will definitely have one at homecoming and save it for you!