Friday, July 29, 2011

Newspaper Yarn Pom Flowers

My latest recycled flower creation using the Newspaper Yarn  created in Monday's post.  

A mix of newspaper and t-shirt yarn flower poms

Pom's can be made out of basically anything and are very easy to create.  

1. Wrap the yarn around 4 of your fingers at least 10 times. (for a fuller flower wrap more)
2.  Take a piece of wire and put it over the yarn bunch in the middle of your fingers and twist to secure the bottom.  Remove your fingers and you should have an oval bunch secured with wire in the middle.   
3.  Take a pair of scissors and snip the loops at the end of the oval.  
4.  Pull and shape the pieces to create a round flower, you may also wish to trim up some of the pieces to make it neater.  :)

Next time I think I may try untwisting some of the yarn to give it more of a corkscrew feel. 

Check back next week for T-Shirt Yarn!

Stop by and checkout some of my creates at the NYPA Summer Spectacular Saturday, July 30th from 11 - 5pm at Hawkins Point Visitor Center!

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