Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday! Recycled Candy Box Pinwheels :)

No I didn't sit down and eat all this candy last week :).  These boxes have been collected over time b/c I new someday I would want them for something.  Pinwheels are really easy to make basically I cut two strips for the box and accordian folded them, glued the ends together to make it round then you just push it down and glue the center.  The center "button" was created using a Martha Stewart Button Punch. 

So colorful!

This was my first attempt from a Milk Duds box, and shows and error, the circle doesn't come out even if you don't cut your strips the same size!  
Sweet Tarts Box

Reese's Pieces


I think these would make excellent Halloween decorations for a Bedspring Wreath or even on stems as flowers!  If you are going to the movies save your boxes for me!

Happy Weekend!

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