Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recycled Newspaper Origami Seed Starter Pot

As you may have noticed by yesterday's post I have a lot of planting to do!  Year's in the past I have just used the jiffy seed starting trays and while they do work well, I just don't like to buy them and I wish they were a little larger to let the roots get larger.  This year I started looking for a DIY version and stumbled upon etsy seller lovebybean's version and remembered a tutorial on Netflix Origami for a box.  If you have never been to Netflix Origami its a neat site to make things out of a Netflix wrapper, and it is actually where I first started to learn origami.  I took yesterday's newspaper out of the recycle bin at work and brought it home to make some seed starter pots of my own.

So you will need:

1. Newspaper
2. Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Marshmallows :) (Optional)

So working at my normal station of the coffee table trunk in the living room, I started by taking one page of the newspaper.

Fold the short site to the top to create a triange and then cut off the excess, leaving a square of newspaper. 

Follow the instructions on Netflix Origami for just the box, not the lid too (unless you want lids).  

The end result:  

Too bad I still have way too many to fold!  Once the seedlings are ready to be planted outside, just put the whole newspaper box in the ground and it will break down and leave nutrients in the soil for your flowers!  


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