Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Earth laughs in flower." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson - When to start your flowers inside!

Along with all the other things I enjoy doing, I love to garden as well, both flowers and vegetables.  Last year I started about half of my plants, including zinnias, snapdragons and roma tomatoes.  All of it turned out great and I felt so accomplished.  I also canned at least 35 quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce from my tomatoes which we are still enjoying now!  I grew several large pumpkins as well.  

large and small zinnias, lilies and glads

This year my hope is to start all my own flowers as well as again start all my tomato plants.  For flowers,  I plan to start pansy, begonia, snapdragon, dahlia, black-eyed susan, zinnia, cosmos, sunflowers and morning glories.  This may seem rather ambitious but I think I can do it.  Years in the past I haven't done any research on when to start plants but this year I changed that and now I have a plan in order.  According to the almanac, the last frost date for Northern NY can fall between May 1st - May 31st, so I set my tentative planting day as May 22nd and then did some research about how many weeks plants should be started before they are put in the ground and came up with the below planting schedule.  
PlantWeeksStart Date
Black Eyed Susan8-103/13
Morning Glory4-64/10
Check back tomorrow for a recycled seed starter pot!

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