Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Weekend - Save yourself the hassle and don't buy this product!

I am still gearing up for my first craft show and I began working on a butterfly wreath.  A similar idea to the soda can rose, but using butterfly punches.  Below is what I was trying to end up with.

For the smaller butterfly's I used Martha Stewart's small butterfly punch and had no issues at all.  I would have ordered Martha Stewart's large butterfly punch but it wasn't going to be here in time for this weekend, so I ordered Tonic Studio 928 Butterfly Flutter Lever Punch.

Tonic Studios 928 Butterfly Flutter Level Multi Detail Punch

Since I hadn't had any trouble any of the other punches (stars, smaller butterflies, and of course the seal) I didn't think this one would have a problem either.  So I tried it and it got stuck.  I finally got it free and it was a mess and unusable.  I tried it on a piece of paper and it did the same thing.   Needless to say I was very angry at this point, that it wouldn't even work on paper.  I couldn't send it back b/c I wouldn't get a new one in time so I decided I was going to make this one work  I took the small screws out of the bottom and pried the top off, leaving just the two plates on the inside below.  I placed the peice of can where it would normally go and put the top plate on and pushed down on it.  It cut the shape perfectly, but the butterfly was stuck to the top plate this is why it kept getting stuck and ripping.  I took a small screw driver to pop it loose and now I have a way to make my butterflies for the weekend.  DO NOT BUY this product, I will definitely be purchasing Martha Stewart's large butterfly punch for future projects!

On a positive note, at least buy taking this thing apart I got 4 cute little springs :).

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