Thursday, February 10, 2011

Junk Picking - My Latest Finds & Chalkboard Mail Holder

Remember how I find the board for my Springs n' Things Sign, well I also found some other interesting objects.  My grandmother used to run an antique shop out of that section of the barn and I think these were some of the leftover items that have since gotten a little rusty and dirt!

Rusty Coffee Pot, Wall Holder, 3 Insulators (1 clear, 1 blue, 1 turquoise), Atlas Mason Jar, and a Rusty Grater, 2 old locks
I already love any kind of mason jar, they can be used for so many great things.  Check back for projects using the others!

 I decided to work with the wall holder first b/c I currently hate the box holding our mail and needed something smaller so I would be forced to clean it out sooner and it wouldn't get out of control.  To add a little pizazz I decided to create a chalkboard label using chalkboard paint of course.  I cleaned up the wall holder a bit and lightly sanded it to get a little of the rust off.  I then, using blue painter's tape, taped off the rectangle I wanted for the label.  I put a heavy quote of white paint on for my base layer and then 2 layers of chalkboard paint. 

I let that sit for an hour or so and then I removed the tape.  

It had to for at least 24 hours to cure before you can write on it, but here is the finished product: 

Not only can this be used in your house for mail but by having a changeable label it can be used at parties and weddings!

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