Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcycled Lace Tablecloth Hearts &heart;

I am still working with my huge lace tablecloth, but I have been creating so many cute things I just wanted to share more.  Last week I created some great rustic lace hearts.  

To make this, the first step is to create a small wire frame to stretch the lace around.  I used some old fence wire, but you could use coat hanger or whatever you have handy.   Cut a square of lace or whatever you want to stiffen around the wire shape, just a big enough to wrap around the wire shape.   Have a square of parchment paper ready to put it on.  

 Put the square in the glue/water mixture, used in the Lace Basket tutorial (glue with a little water)

Ring out the square place it on the parchment paper, then place the wire shape on top of it and stretch the lace around it. 

Wait for it to try then peel it apart a little to get the frame out, it should still hold its shape, if you want you can trim the back up a little bit too.  I ran a piece of twine through a hole in it to create the above decoration.    I also made another curly corned basket. 

After making a couple hearts and 2 baskets, I still have all this tablecloth left, so I think I'm going to make a rustic lace heart garland :).

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