Monday, January 10, 2011

Upcycled Lace Tablecloth Basket - Failure and Success!

I got this old lace tablecloth from the North Country Neighbors Flea Market for $5.00 b/c it has a small stain on it.  It was not worth throwing out this huge tablecloth for a small little stain.  So I wanted to try making a basket out of it.  

I found somewhere on the internet that a good replacement for fabric starch/stiffener was 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to 1 cup of water.  That is a big FAIL it did not stiffen the fabric at all.  So I went to the old standby of mostly glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue, but I'm going to try Elmer's next time its cheaper) with a little bit of water and mixed it until it was well combined.   I dunked my round piece of the tablecloth into the glue mixture and stirred it around a little and then layed it over and upside down bowl to give it shape.  Make sure you place wax paper or parchment paper underneath b/c it will drip a little bit.  As it dries you may want to adjust it so that it ends up in the proper shape. It took overnight and the next day to dry but I think it turned out lovely.

It is now on the coffee table in our living room and I have but the hearts I crochet in it.  I will be trying other projects with whats left of the tablecloth!


  1. My mother in-law was showing me some of her mother's and grandmother's lace over the weekend. Some of it is so fragile it's starting to fall apart. This looks like a great method to salvage what's left so that it can be functional as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I hope this works out for you! I will be posting other uses next week too! Thanks for the comment!