Thursday, January 20, 2011

"J" is for Janessa

I needed some more decorations for my office at work so I decided to make a fun letter "J".

I think I managed to find everything I loved in Martha Stewart Living magazines :).  I was even able to find some of my china pattern in there as well.

So to create this letter, I made the actual letter shape out of cereal boxes and glued it together then added some masking tape for some extra strength.

To start decorating it, I used some vintage sheet music I had gotten as packaging for springs I purchased off of Etsy.  It was too pretty to throw out so I knew I would use it for a project.  For the rest of the images, I just sat down with a stack of Martha Stewart Living magazines and clipped out everything I thought was "me".  I used a glue stick to attach them b/c I didn't have any mod podge :(, but I plan on sealing it with mod podge.  

I think this would be a creative gift for a friend or even for in a kid's room.  Enjoy!

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