Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review: No home should be without a Black & Decker Start It

As many of you who live in Northern NY know it was 30 below zero this past Monday and along with a whole bunch of problems, my car would not start.  Not that I'm complaining my car just went over 120k miles and I haven't had any major problems with it (knock on wood).  The BF was busy trying to fix the furnace :( and couldn't look at my car so I worked from home and he got it going later on.   Tuesday morning when I went to start my car, it still would not start.  So I went in and got our Black And Decker jump starter, I very easily turned it on and hooked it up to the battery and it started my car with no issues.  It is small and light enough that I brought it to work with me in case I had more issues on my way home!  I strongly recommend.

Black & Decker VEC010BD Start It 300 Amp Jump Starter Black & Decker Start It

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