Tuesday, January 4, 2011

♥ Heart Origami ♥ - A Picture Tutorial

I love making heart origami they make such cute little decorations and can be made out of just about any type of paper.  I've made them from everything between restaurant paper place-mats to a Netflix envelope .  Here is how you do it.  It is very easy:

1. Cut out a piece of paper 7 inches long by 3.5 inches wide (I used scrapbook paper)

2.  Choose which side of the paper you want to face up and fold it in half the longways, make a crease and unfold it.

3.  Fold down opposite corners to line up with middle crease and unfold. 

4.  Fold up opposite corners to line up with the middle crease and unfold. 
You should now have an x formed by the creases on either side of the middle crease.

5.  This step is a little tricky, basically it is easiest to think about making an arrow, Turn the paper vertically.  On one of the creased "X"s, push in on the two side triangles as well as pushing down the top to make a accordion type triangle.

6. The picture below shows the completed "arrow".

7.  Repeat step 5 with the "X" on the other side.

8.  Now you should have a diamond (square pointed upwards).  Take the bottom of each corner of the arrow and fold it toward the top.  Do this for the bottom arrow as well, folding it toward the bottom.  

9. Taking each triangle you created in step 8, open the triangle and press it down into a square.  

10.  Take the two side points of each square you created above and fold them to the center of the square.  Then open this triangle too and press it flat as seen below.  

11.  Take the top point of the diamond (square) and fold it down to the bottom of the diamond.  Now either the smooth backside can be the front or the decorative folded back part which ever one you wand as the front, fold the side points back to finish the heart.  

I hope this tutorial was clear enough.  Feel free to ask any questions.  Check back tomorrow to see how I used mine to decorate!

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