Friday, October 7, 2011

Recycled Sammy from Trick r' Treat

If you have never seen the move Trick r' Treat I totally suggest it.  It is one of the scariest movies I have seen in recent memory.   One of the scariest little guys is Sammy, here is my recycled version:

Now he is not completely finished, but I thought I would share my progress so far.  His body is made from a children's feety pjs that one of my co-workers brought in for me.  That I dyed orange.  His body is made from old fence wire, so he is positionable and he is stuffed with plastic bags.  The portion holding his head up is a paper towel roll and again his head is burlap stuffed with plastic bags.  I hand stitched his mouth on with twine and stitched on 2 old black buttons I already had.

I still need to finish his hands, more coloring on the face, patches on his costume, and other accessories, but I think he is a pretty scary.  He is sitting in an antique kid's rocking chair in the living room and I get freaked out every time I walk by it.  I told the BF he may have to go live in the garage until the Halloween party.  I also told the BF who absolutely loves to scare me that he is banned from moving Sammy.  

I will be at the 25th Annual Crary Mills Craft Show this weekend from 10 - 4 at the Tri-Town Community Building on Post Road in Crary Mills! Stop by!

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