Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunflower Bedspring Wreath

Seeing as I was off from work for this whole week,  I found a lot of time to work on new bedspring creations. Today I sat down with my pile of springs, trying to make a clover (which is still in progress) but I ended up coming up with something I thought looked like a flower.

The "finished" Sunflower

While looking at the flower I decided to paint it like one of my favorite flowers, the Sunflower.  I used a stencil brush and dabbed both yellow and orange paint on it and then brown on the center.  It is not totally complete yet, but I figured I would still share it.  It will probably end up in my Etsy Shop!

Original Unpainted Version - made of 16 bedsprings

Let me know your thoughts!  Check back for other new bedspring creations!

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