Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Weekend: Bedspring Art - Works in Progress

Last night while I was creating more bedspring wreaths, I made another heart, a small star and a regular round wreath.  I was trying to figure out a way to make them look more unique and more like art.  I like the plain or one color, but I also like simple things until I created these: 

Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly

Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly

Hand Painted Candy Cane Tea-light Holders
Both of these were trial runs to see if I would like the end result, I was pleasantly surprised and will continue to work to perfect hand painting these, as well as other pieces The only major problem right now is the paint I used was a little chunky and did not go on smooth, so I am going to look for new paint today and hopefully I will be more satisfied with the end result.   Watch for these items coming soon to my etsy shop!

On a side note, nothing makes you smile more than waking up to this on a Friday morning:

The view from my kitchen window

Even though it was a chilly 0 degrees this morning, I still smiled!  This is why I love Northern New York!

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