Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost 6 ft Bed Spring Christmas Tree

As many of you already know this past weekend,  I went down to Clopman's Furniture to setup my largest bed spring christmas tree yet!  Towering at almost 6 feet tall and using over 290 springs, this has been my largest achievement yet.  It is decorated with all recycled soda can ornaments and a recycled soda can chain.  It has been entered into the Massena Chamber of Commerce Window Decorating Contest, which I believe the judging will happen tonight.  The tree will be up through christmas so stop in and check it out, or if you are driving buy look in the first set of windows!

As I have already explained photos of bed springs are really hard to take and this looks much more impressive in person!

I will also have mini trees for sale at the St Lawrence County Chamber Craft, Food and Wine show this weekend at Cheel Arena at Clarkson University, Friday from 12 - 8 Saturday from 9 - 5!


  1. Amazing idea for Christmas Tree !!! I will try this in this Christmas ...

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  2. I make lots of things out of bed springs. You get mad amounts of respect from me for this project. I know how much time and effort you must have put into it. It's beautiful. Any you're right; photographing bed springs is difficult. You just can't capture the beauty.