Tuesday, October 26, 2010

♥ Vintage Soda Box Love ♥

I love vintage soda boxes, coke, pepsi whatever brand.   The hardest part in purchasing one is what to do with it.  I know they are great for organization, but I don't really need anything like that.  So I decided to try them out as wall decorations. 

So once I got them up on the wall, yes I actually hung them up myself and didn't get hurt :) (I'm a little accident prone)  It was time to figure out what to fill them with.  The sections are rather small, so small trinkets would be needed and since I am not a big knick knack person I didn't really have anything.  Vintage letterpress blocks would have been awesome but they are so expensive.   So I had a chunk of balsa wood hanging around and had just recently bought a thing of chalkboard paint.  I cut the balsa wood into small blocks, then sanded them down and painted them.  Chalkboard paint is one of those crazy awesome things, that once you get you aren't sure how you crafted without it before, the uses are endless.  So now I have small chalkboard blocks to put messages in my vintage soda box wall decoration.

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