Thursday, October 21, 2010

My first post and scaring the workers at Lowes

So this is my first blog post.  I figured I would start with a very funny crafting story from my first trip to Lowes to buy crafting supplies.  I was on a mission to get things to make stuff out of punched tin (i.e. lampshade, candle holders, butterflies, stars...the list goes on)  I could not find the aluminum flashing, which works wonderfully for punched tin.  I stopped a Lowe's employee and he showed me where it was, all the time I know he was wondering what the heck I would be doing with it.  I was looking through several of the different options (sizes, aluminum vs. copper etc) and the guy looks at me and says "you are doing roofing?", I'm like no I am going to make a punched tin lampshade.  Then you know how people give you that look that they totally think you are crazy, well thats what I got.  So after the punched tin, I need to get tin snips and I think I managed to confuse another employee.  Then upon checkout, my weird assortment raised some eyebrows by the cashier as well, I had chalkboard paint, a roll of aluminum flashing, tin snips and a piece of molding.  This is apparently not a normal mixture of items, but ohh well I created this:

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