Thursday, January 6, 2011

♥ “The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.” - Blaise Pascal ♥

As promised I have continued on with my "heart" week and crocheted a few hearts out of scrap fabric, tshirt yarn and twine.  These little lovelies are very easy to create and also great rustic decorations.  I have fallen in love, they may have to stay up past Valentine's Day.

To crochet a heart:
1.  Chain 4

From this point on, all stitches go into the first chain stitch in the row.
2.  Do 3 triple crochets.
3.  Do 3 double crochets.
4.  Chain 1

Now Reverse, working your way around the first chain stitch.
5. Do 3 double crochets
6. Do 3 triple crochets
7.  Finish with a slip stitch and tie off

Any now you have a heart!  You can use whatever size needle or material that can be used as yarn.

A Rag Heart made of scrap heart fabric

T-shirt yarn heart

Hand-dyed t-shirt yarn heart

Twine Heart

Hearts on a Bedspring Wreath

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